Our commitment to sustainability forms the foundation of StickOn, guiding us forward as we strive to grow value meaningfully and responsibly. We are focused on creating a culture and ecosystem that benefits not only the company, but also makes a positive impact on society. 

StickOn has taken up the task of labelling a smarter future. We lead the way in our industry and share our vision with our partners. Together, we develop innovative future solutions that help us to become more sustainable, while improving product performance and always acting responsibly in the areas we operate in.

Supporting Global Sustainability Objectives

We at StickOn are commited to be the industry leader in sustainable development. Our sustainability initiatives are aligned with The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN-SDGs).

  • Reduce food loss throughout the value chain from primary industry sector to consumers with functional packaging and optimize the balance of supply and demand.

  • We provide a high standard of hygienic food packaging solutions which support consumers’ health and well-being. We also promote good health amongst our employees and communities through various employee engagement initiatives.

  • We provide employees with avenues for continuous learning and professional development and raise awareness of and educate children on the benefits of recycling.

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  • We contribute to the Malaysian economy via taxes and through the employment of local talents while at the same time ensuring a safe and secure working environment and upholding good labour practices.

  • Develop solutions for preserving
    and passing down tangible and intangible culture and protecting the world’s diversity.

  • We promote ethical business conduct and have adopted the Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption (ABAC) Policy which extends to our employees, suppliers and all stakeholders.

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  • We source responsibly, develop and
    create values that are friendly to the environment, customers, and brands throughout our value chain.

  • We contribute to reduce greenhouse gas emission and mitigating of global warming by providing eco-friendly materials and solutions for energy efficiency. We also promote environmental awareness within local communities via collaborations with industry associations.

  • We practice effective management that preserves aquatic biodiversity.

  • We allocate green spaces and plant trees within our premises to promote sustainability.

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