How to Determine the Correct Label Size

If you are uncertain of the exact label size you need for your products or project, follow our step-by-step measuring guide to find the proper fit.

What You'll Need

Product to be labeled, pen or pencil, graph paper, ruler, scissors



1. Use the paper to wrap your product and mark where you want the label's edges to be.


2. Use the scissors to cut the paper along the lines where you marked the label's edges.


3. After cutting out the paper, wrap it around your product again. Mark and trim the paper until you get the exact fit you need.


4. Lay your paper on a flat surface and measure your final label size.


5. Once you've determined the labels size, you can order the matching size from our product catalog. If the labels you need are a unique size or shape, contact us to help you with your request.


Please note: Tapered containers may need custom labels with a slight curve for proper application.


For help with measurements or finding the right size label, please contact us.

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